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Give your children a vision screening and eye exam when they return to school

Everyone looks forward to the summer. It means fun, swimming pools, beaches, and many adventures, but it is also a time in which the eyes can be affected by the sun, by chlorine in pools, or by saltwater

After returning from vacations, routines begin again at home as we get back to everyday life. During this time, it is important to be attentive to the reactions of children, because they can show concerning symptoms such as dry eyes or possible stinging, and they may not have noticed it. In this case, the role of fathers, mothers, and teachers is fundamental! It is important to be alert to changes in their eyes.  

In fact, it is not only important to give them an eye exam for possible reactions during the summer, but also because it is essential that they begin the school year confident that their vision is healthy. That way they can give the most in their classes and in their extra-curricular activities!

For the back-to-school period, we recommend that you accompany your children and teenagers to an optometrist, or to a ophthalmological exam, and test their vision. That way, they’ll be guaranteed to have good vision in their next school year or know if they need prescription glasses.

Six in ten children in Spain suffer from myopia or nearsightedness

A lot goes in to getting our kids back to school. As parents, you are as excited as your children, and you want them to have everything ready to start classes stronger than ever, but sometimes something is missing... Have you revisado su vista before starting back at school?

Sometimes, we overlook this issue that is so relevant, both for their learning and for their health. Eyesight carries out a fundamental role in the lives of children, in their extracurricular activities, at home, when they do homework, or even during their times of rest. Did you know that six in ten young people in Spain are nearsighted?? Detecting vision problems in children is very important, because the earlier they are identified, the easier it is to treat them.

These days, the majority of children spend less time in outdoor activities and spend more time using electronic devices for play, even to do their homework or to study. That’s why the back-to-school period is the perfect time for an ophthalmologist or optician to do an eye exam for your children.


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