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How to protect your child’s eyes in summer?

Summer has officially begun and we want to help you protect your children eyes during the summer season. Just as you worry about avoiding possible burns on their skin, it is important to take care of their visual health by protecting it from UVA rays that can be very harmful to their eyes. We tell you how!

The consequences of prolonged sun exposure during childhood can be severe and compromise your child’s eyes. At Nano Vista, we work every day to offer you the best products on the market in terms of visual care for toddlers, children, and teenagers. Our sunglasses for children are not left behind and are true sun protection elements!

When choosing sunglasses for our children we must consider whenever they are approved by the European Community (they must bear the seal of the EC) and buy them in specialized establishments. As “Lucia, mi pediatra” says on her blog, children’s sunglasses are good and recommended because they significantly protect the harmful effects of solar radiation on the retina and other eye structures, which if they are already delicate in adults, in children even more because high exposure at an early age can lead to permanent injuries'.


High quality sunglasses for all children...

At Nano Vista we are experts in child visual health and have developed a whole range of high-quality sunglasses, both for babies and for children and teens.

  • For the youngest, we have the Nano Sol Baby line: baby sunglasses designed with an ultra-soft material for greater comfort and whose lenses are prepared to offer optimal protection. Its ergonomic design blocks the entry of sunlight from all its angles as babies tend to look up. Nano Sol lenses are polarized and photochromic, which protects them against glare and allows to adapt the intensity to ambient light, a pioneering technology in baby sunglasses.
  • For older children, the Nano Sol line is designed considering the facial morphology of children and teens. The materials of the frames, made of SomflexTM or polycarbonate, are of high-quality providing resistance and softness, while all lenses include an anti-reflective treatment on the inner face to prevent glare and improve the protection and comfort of children’s sunglasses. In addition, all have band and mini band for greater support if necessary for your child. 

Prescription sunglasses with solar clip for over 6 years

  • If your child wears prescription glasses, do not worry about buying other sunglasses. With our sunglasses clip they will have 2 glasses in one thanks to the magnetic solar clip. You can use a pair of glasses to be at school, at home and do outdoor activities.

In just one 'clip' you can transform your Nano Indestructible glasses into high quality sunglasses, with its anti-reflective lenses, BlueBlock, polarized and category 3, those advised by the medical authorities in summer, on the beach and in the mountains and especially suitable for children.

Do not play with the view of those you love the most and protect them from the sun with the nº1 in Spain in glasses for children.

Design, comfort, innovation and protection also in sunglasses for unstoppable children.