Claves para elegir gafas según el rostro de tu hijo


How do I choose glasses that suit my child’s face shape?

If you’re looking for prescription glasses for your child, you’re in the right place! One of the points to keep in mind, apart from the frame, is your little one’s face shape .Not all children of equal age have the same face size, so glasses of the same size can be big for some, and small for others. It’s normal and very easy to handle!

Another point for choosing the frame of a particular color for your child is their skin color and eye color. For example, will a frame with a bright red color work for a person with darker skin? More than likely it won’t suit their face because of their complexion or eye color.

It is also important to keep in mind if your child has very defined facial features, as there will be glasses that are better adapted to their face, such as frames that are rounded or have a neutral shape. 

These are some of the keys, but if you aren’t sure yet, we’ll explain in more detail! On our web page, you will be able to find an online glasses tester for childrenIt’s great! Kids are able to virtually test their favorite model and see how well it fits. You will also be able to send a photo to us through social media and we will advise you!

Furthermore, knowing the shape of your child’s face will also help you to choose the right glasses. How to know? At Nano, we give you the information you need:  

Types of glasses for each face

Claves para elegir gafas según el rostro de tu hijo

The first step for finding the perfect frame for a child is to know their face shape. That way, you will be able to make better decisions when you are searching for new glasses, hassle-free! We also recommend that you go to a trusted optician’s shop so that they can advise you on how to pick the appropriate frame.

There are many types of glasses for each face shape. Would you like to know what frames can be best adapted to your child’s face? Let’s go!

  • Heart-shaped face: If their face has this shape, then medium-sized glasses are perfect for them! The frame should not reach their cheek. That way, it will suit with their facial features.
  • Square face: The best glasses for a square face are those that have an oval or round shape. They’ll be the best option and your child will certainly love them! This kind of frame tends to soften their facial lines.
  • Oval face : There is no one type of glasses for an oval face because any shape fits this type of face well. If your child has this face shape, you won’t have much of a problem! 
  • Rectangular face : : If your child has a rectangular face, you should avoid any frame with an elongated shape. Pick a frame that helps your child to reduce the length of their face shape. What do you think about more square-shaped frames?
  • Round face : If you have chosen glasses that have a proportional width and length, then you have chosen the perfect glasses for a round face. Bravo! 
  • Trapezoidal face : With this face shape, oval frames or butterfly-style frames can highlight the cheekbones and balance the facial features. Check them out!

Claves para elegir gafas según el rostro de tu hijo

Each face is different, but generally they are grouped according to these face shapes, and so these tips should help you to pick the perfect prescription glasses. If you still have questions, remember that you can use our excellent virtual testeron our website, which will help you to choose the shape and color of the glasses that you’ve been looking for. A new way to save time and spend it instead with your children!

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