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Model BAIKAL /

Sunglasses for children



  • 48 (8-12 years)

Glasses features
  • Color
  • Age 8-12 years old
  • Lent type Blue Block ™ + antireflection
  • Lent cat. 3
  • Material Rubber Soft
  • Size 48
  • Available colours Black, Red, Blue, Pink
Glasses details

The lens is our main defense against UVA rays and in children the ocular structures are not completely developed until the 8 years. That is why at an early age the eye lets more light in than it should.

The consequences of prolonged sun exposure during childhood can be severe, specially  at  early  

In the first year of life, the baby’s eye receives 90% of the UVA radiation and 50% of the UVB, so it  should  never  be  exposed  to  direct  sunlight. At  age  12  the  eyes  still  receive 60% of UVA radiation and 25% of UVB.

The  Importance  to  Protect  from  Blue  Light  (HEV).

Prolonged exposure to High-Energy Visible Blue Light (HEV) increases the risk of Age-related
Macular Degeneration (AMD). The damage caused by Blue Light (HEV) is cumulative, so if we correctly protect our eyes from the Blue Light rays (HEV), we will help prevent potential problems that could develop in the future.

HEV is the most energetic of the visible spectrum, that is to say, the highest frequency, which can
cause damage to our retina, especially at an early age.

At Nanovista our main priority is to take care of the visual health of the youngest that’s why all our sunglasses are true elements of  Sun Protection.
We use lenses of the highest optical quality as the new lenses which protect from the harmful rays of the Blue Light and UV, while allowing a clear reception and natural colors.

In addition, all lenses in our collection include anti-reflective coating on the inner side to prevent glare and improve protection and comfort.
With collection of NanoHands sunglasses, decorated with original and cheerful illustrations that reflect
through universal hand symbols, the emotions and expressions of any child in the world.