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Model KOOKI /

Sunglasses for children



  • S (1-3 years)
  • M (2-4 years)

Glasses features
  • Color
  • Age 0-18 months, 1-3 years old
  • Lent type Blue Block ™ + antireflection
  • Lent cat. 3
  • Technical color Bi-color
  • Material Rubber Soft
  • Size XS, S
  • Available colours Pink, Gray, Blue, Red, White
Glasses details


Our total protection design philosophy includes the innovative “angle-light cover”. A thin protective spoiler that allows for a perfect fit around the top of the eyes, blocking light rays from all angles (taking into account that babies almost always have to look up).
Soft rubber on the inner bridge and on the lower rims.
Raised detail for better grip.
Flat temples with rounded ends, always avoiding sharp or angular edges.


The softness of the material is crucial for the comfort of babies.
The double injection zones follow the ergonomics of very young children, the curved shapes are strategically positioned in the support zones of the glasses to protect the most delicate skin.


BlueBlock™ lenses protect from the harmful rays of blue light, thus reducing the risk of future eye disease (AMD).

Polarized lenses for protection against glare.

Photochromic lenses offer an adaptive intensity change to ambient light; a technology never seen before in baby sunglasses. They provide greater comfort both indoors and outdoors, as there is no need to constantly put them on and take them off when going for a walk or shopping.
This option, which is revolutionary worldwide, allows babies to get used to wearing glasses more easily and helps treat photophobia in children.


Nanovista lenses are anti-reflective on the inner side and the new anti-scratch treatment makes them even more resistant to scratching. *(according to reference).
Ultra-light weight dual-injection frames for added comfort:

We maintain the ‘unbreakable’ concept that characterises our brand, offering durable and safe glasses.
2 different shapes that adapt to the morphologic development of babies.
A rounded and soft line for very young children, and another slightly rectangular line to enlarge the field of vision as they grow.
Each pair of sunglasses is also available in two sizes.
Includes mini band for a better fit if necessary.