Children’s eyesight must be taken care of and checked periodically, to be able to detect possible vision problems that can negatively affect their life, or even their school performance.

If your child needs glasses, we should take into account that they’re not all the same. Not only does the frame change, but there is a variety of lenses with different characteristics, depending on the needs of each child, among other factors. For this, knowing how to choose prescription glasses for children is fundamental.

Below, we offer you 4 simple steps to know how to choose prescription glasses for children and make the perfect choice.

4 keys for choosing prescription glasses for kids

Follow these recommendations to choose your son or daughter’s prescription glasses:

  • First, the child’s choice is very important, provided that they can choose them. They must feel comfortable with them and feel like wearing them, for which it is fundamental that they choose them themselves, and like them.
  • When choosing the material, you must be aware that the glasses must be tough, but light. For this, the NANO INDESTRUCTIBLE glasses, manufactured from Siliflex, provide more freedom and comfort. If it is for a baby or small child, the silicon frame is advisable, for them to be more flexible and adapt easier.
  • Today, there are many different models of glasses. Their size will depend on the size of the eye orbits, and the distance between the child’s eyes. In other words, the frame must adapt to the child’s face. Although we must not forget an indispensable requirement - that they be comfortable.
  • Children perform many activities throughout the day. That’s why it is important that they are well adjusted, and that wearing them is no annoyance in the least. The frame bridge must rest well on the child’s nose, so that the weight of the glasses is better distributed and leaves no marks.

NanoVista knows how difficult it is to choose the perfect prescription glasses for a child. For this, it seriously takes these characteristics into account when manufacturing the frames. Our glasses are distinguished by their indestructible materials, and by their two fastening systems, that provide maximum comfort. With adjustable temples, the adjustable band for the head and a mini-band, that make it possible to alternate this system, whenever it is needed.