The world looks completely different, if our prescription glasses are clean. For that, we have to take care of our glasses, and those of our child. Removing stains can seem easy, but in reality it takes time, and it always needs to be done the right way.

Children go from one place to the next, putting on and taking of the glasses continuously, and this influences their vision. It is important to clean their glasses frequently, and teach them how to do this as well. Thus, we will ensure that our little one maintains a good quality of vision, and can enjoy his/her favorite activities.

In NanoVista, we offer the most important tips for cleaning of the prescription glasses of the smallest ones:

Tips for cleaning prescription glasses

Maintaining adequate cleaning of the prescription glasses of the smallest ones, not only guarantees their durability, but it can also prevent any type of contagion (something very important currently) such as, for example, preventing gestures such as cleaning them with mist from the mouth.

It is best to use specific products for cleaning lenses of prescription glasses, as well as a microfiber suede. However, not everyone has these articles on hand, but it’s alright, because in NanoVista, we have a lot of tricks for cleaning prescription glasses.

Learn about our best tips for cleaning of prescription glasses of the small ones (and those not-so-small, since these tricks also work for adults):


  1. Wash your hands: it is important that, before cleaning the glasses, the child’s hands and those of their parents are cleaned. This will avoid dirt or grease, that you may have on your skin, from being transferred to the glasses.
  2. Use neutral soap: this method is very effective, and is the most used. You can also clean glasses with hand soap, since the result will be the same. Glasses must be dried with a soft-texture paper, and above all, we have to verify that the child’s glasses are completely dried.
  3. Rub softly. All parts of the glasses must be cleaned for a few seconds. Let’s not forget that children are in constant movement, and can sweat or accumulate more dust than normal. Therefore, it is necessary to remember the pads of the nose and the ends of the rods, that rest behind the ears.

It’s pointless to constantly clean glasses if they are not kept where they belong, that is, in a glasses case. Teach your child to store their glasses in the case, the moment they take them off, for example, to do some activity or go to sleep.

Following the above tips, your child’s glasses will be kept clean for a longer period of time. So, are you ready to disinfect your NanoVista glasses?