Children’s eyesight must be taken care of from an early age, to detect possible vision problems. If your child has been diagnosed with nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness..., it is important to treat it as soon as possible, to prevent it from affecting their school performance or daily lives.

Some children adore new things, and putting on prescription glasses will make them feel special. But not all children are enthusiastic about putting on glasses, since they may feel strange and confused, when they see that not all children are wearing glasses.

At first, they will feel uncomfortable, they will look strange, and may have a hard time focusing. In these cases, parents have a very important role to play, in their children accepting the change.

Tricks for your child to accept prescription glasses

In NanoVista, we offer you the best tricks - for your children to accept wearing their prescription glasses.

  • Listen to your child. It is important to treat the subject naturally, and listen to your child’s opinion about the new accessory.
  • Communicate with your little one: it is essential to inform the child about the use of glasses. He/she must understand why he/she needs the glasses, and what consequence there will be, if he/she does not wear them. It may be difficult at first to understand why he/she has a vision problem, but with patience, you he/she understand it.
  • Let your child choose their own prescription glasses: there are thousands of models and colors of children’s glasses. If your child chooses the frame they like the most, they will feel much more comfortable, and it won’t be so hard for them to put them on.
  • Family support: It is important that family members encourage the child, and provide positive comments, always naturally.
  • Important characters with glasses: What child does not like to become like his/her favorite character? Encourage your child, showing him/her all the celebrities that wear glasses. How about Harry Potter?

Nanovista: indestructible prescription glasses

NanoVista wanted to create some fun and creative glasses for the small ones. The frame is tough, indestructible, light... All their characteristics make any child feel comfortable putting them on, and make adaptation easier.

And you, still don’t have NanoVista glasses for your small one?