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Types of sunglasses for children. Get ready for spring!

Children’s eyesight is much more delicate than that of adults and should in principle be protected from sunlight throughout the year. Although, it is now that we open the month of March when we began to think about renewing their sunglasses for the spring-summer season. Do you know what are the best lenses for your kids? We tell you everything here! Keep reading...

The days are longer and spring is just around the corner. It is at this time, when we begin to think about renewing the old sunglasses of our little ones but we will always have to take into account some important aspects.

The lenses category is fundamental

Not all children’s sunglasses are the same. As with those of adults, there are many sunglasses for children that are sold without the correct approval and can even harm your vision more than if they did not wear anything.

Therefore, the first question you should take into account is to always purchase your sunglasses in an optical and/or establishment that guarantees the quality of them.

The type of lens indicates the amount of light they let through. In the case of children, the most recommended category will always be the 3, since their vision is also developing until adulthood.

What if my child wears prescription glasses?

Sometimes you ask us what to do if your child usually wears prescription glasses. It’s good to know that there are graduated glasses for sunglasses. It is also true that, for the convenience of children and saving parents, a trend and innovation in recent years that has come to stay is the Clip Solar.

This clip transforms the usual sunglasses into sunglasses with a single click. It is comfortable, easy, and greatly reduces the possibility of leaving sunglasses out there and end up losing. Valid for both prescription and non prescription glasses.

At Nano Vista, we have a wide variety of models of children’s sunglasses that stand out for the comfort of their structure, their soft materials and, of course, with the highest quality and guarantee of Nano.

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