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Back to school!

August is coming to an end and, after a few months of holidays, the return to school begins. New clothes, new equipment and a visit to the ophthalmologist to check our children visual health to get them ready for the school year are a must!

After a summer of disconnection, games and free time, it’s time to start thinking of school. In Nano we tell you everything you need to make the back to school easy for them.

It is very likely that during summer the children routines have been altered and that, like adults, it costs them a little to catch the usual rhythm facing the return to the classrooms.

We recommend you to start a few days before (between 10 days and one week earlier) setting mealtimes with them and going to bed at an early hour.

It is also important to involve children in preparation of new equipment: browse with them books of the new course, go with them to buy the uniform or clothes for the fall/winter and schedule an appointment for the ophthalmologist to ensure that their vision is in perfect condition.

Visual health influences their school performance

Whether your child has worn glasses for a long time, or if it is the first time he/she should start using them, we recommend you to always look for high quality ones.

Eyesight is one of our most important senses and we must ensure that it is protected and that we have identify any issue because, otherwise, both our children school performance and their health could be affected.

At Nano, we are experts in children visual health, and we know that the best choice for your child is our Nano Indestructible glasses.

  • Because they are made with high quality materials but are soft and comfortable, adapting to their facial morphology.
  • Because they stretch, they bend, they fall... and they don’t break! There’s a reason they’re indestructible... forget about buying new glasses every quarter. Bet on a quality product that will last you years.
  • Free of BPA and with case and accessories made with 100% recycled materials because we also want to contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Great variety of models, colors, and styles... Our indestructible Nano are the best.
  • With adjustable elastic band for children to jump, run and play without fear... so that they remain being children!
  • With a special clip for protect them from the screens blue light.

Because our glasses are made for them and not the other way around. Nano, the brand Nº1 in Spain in glasses for babies, children, and teenagers.

Happy back to school with Nano!