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Protect your child's visual health with the new Nano Chameleon. Protection and fun in the sun!

With the new spring and the change to summer time, which allows us to enjoy longer and sunnier days, the amount of time our children spend outdoors is increasing. That's why it's crucial to protect our children's eyes from sun damage.

Exposure to UVA radiation, emitted by the sun's rays, is harmful to people's eyesight, especially for children. Just as we protect their skin from sunburn and possible future illnesses with appropriate sun protection creams, we must protect their visual health to avoid the risk of developing different eye pathologies in the medium and long term. That is why investing in adequate sun protection for children is essential for their health.

At Nanovista, innovation is part of our DNA and we work every day to offer the best eyewear solution for babies, children and teenagers. That's why we couldn't forget about visual sun protection and we have great news for you...

New Chameleon Collection!

With the arrival of the good weather, we have launched a super special Nano Sol collection that children will LOVE!

And no wonder, because the new CAMALEÓN collection combines style, safety and fun! And you might wonder what makes them so amazing... they change colour! Thanks to the combination of our innovative material with photochromatic pigments, the Chameleon frames change their colour depending on the intensity of the light, going from pink to violet or from blue to green. Magic? No, it's Nanovista science!

With nine different models for children between 3 and 9 years old, the Chameleon collection will be your children's favourite and yours too. Because they will have fun and love it, but you will be sure that you are protecting their vision with the highest quality. And the fact is that, like all our Nano Sol sunglasses, they are a real element of sun protection.

All the sunglasses in this collection have category 3 polarised lenses, filtering light and reducing glare. In addition, their design adapts perfectly to the physiognomy of the little ones, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit.

Don't forget to invest in the right sun protection for your children to ensure their long-term eye health. This summer, choose the most fun sunglasses for the little ones and let them enjoy the sun in complete safety and style.

Nano Chameleon, protection and fun!

Nano, the leading brand in Spain in sunglasses for babies, children and teenagers.