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Nano SPORT, sports protection for champions

Sports protective glasses could prevent 90% of eye trauma in sports. School-age children are the most likely to suffer these types of accidents. We explain why it is important to protect your child's vision during impact sports.

Annually, more than 600,000 eye injuries occur during sports worldwide. Hands, elbows, balls, rackets, etc... become threats to people's visual health while playing sports.

The use of approved sports protective glasses with or without prescription is mandatory in numerous sports disciplines and recommended in all of them due to the benefits offered for vision and eye protection.

Why should children wear sports protective glasses?

Eye protection glasses in impact sports are recommended for anyone. Although, in the case of children, who are still developing, it becomes more important since a blow can cause a very serious and irreversible injury.

Most of the time we parents do not take care of this aspect due to lack of knowledge until a misfortune occurs. Taking into account that school-age children are the most likely to suffer these types of accidents, it is important to consider the acquisition of approved sports protection glasses for those who practice impact sports.

Why is it important that they are approved?

Football, basketball, tennis, handball, paddle tennis, fronton... sports protective glasses are recommended for all impact sports in general, but not just any glasses are suitable, just as not just any glasses are suitable for sun protection. Sports protective glasses must be approved to guarantee their quality and reliability.

The NANO SPORT line of glasses comply with current regulations on sports matters and are approved by the main sports Federations.

All models have passed the demanding test tests of the F803 standard established by the American Society for Testing Material (ASTM) for different sports.

Why use sports goggles instead of contact lenses?

 Contact lenses can solve athletes' visual problems, but they will never prevent eye injury caused by an impact. As experts in children's visual health, we want to give visibility to a problem that can be easily avoidable and to improve the safety of children and adolescents when playing their favourite sports.

Now that you know, don't hesitate to protect your child from an impact that could be fatal to their eyes and health in the long term.

NANO SPORT, sports protection for champions.

Nano, experts in children's visual health.