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What are the best glasses for children?

Children are children and are driven by nature; They jump, run, play... and they need glasses that adapt to them and not the other way around. At Nano we work to offer you comfortable, quality and child-proof glasses.

 Indestructible glasses for unstoppable kids!

When a child is diagnosed with a problem related to their visual health and needs to start wearing glasses, in our experience, their parents are overwhelmed, doubtful and worried. Mainly, because of how your child will integrate this new 'habit' into their daily routine, in case they will break every few weeks or if they will have to use several pairs for their different activities...

At Nano we understand this concern and our goal is for the glasses to adapt to children and not the other way around. Because we know that children jump, run, play and behave like the children they are... Thanks to innovative technology, our indestructible glasses stretch, bend, twist and can fall without breaking, always recovering their original shape.

Because our indestructible glasses are 100% child-proof!

Endorsed by the most important independent studies, Nano's indestructible glasses are leaders in Spain in their sector. Designed to adapt to the facial morphology of children and adolescents, they are Eco Friendly, BPA free and have a three-year warranty. Used by children all over the world, since our brand is present in more than 60 countries, there are many parents who swear by them since they know their resistance and greatly value not having to change their children's glasses constantly because they they break them.

3 glasses in 1

In our concern to offer resistance and comfort to both children and their parents, all our models include an adjustable band and mini-band so that they can exchange them with the temples when they are going to do some sporting or more 'hectic' activity, like a dance or a race, getting the perfect fit and allowing the child to enjoy that moment without further worry.

We have more than 150 models that you can discover on our website and enjoy in the virtual fitting room with your child to see which one best suits their personality.

Indestructible glasses for unstoppable children.

Nano, experts in children's visual health.