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Buy less, buy better

December is the month of consumption par excellence and is that the Christmas holidays are marked by special dates such as Christmas. From Nano, we want to encourage you to make a quality consumption and join our maxim to buy less and buy better.

Do you know that green is much more than our corporate color?

At Nano Vista, we are committed to the environment and have implemented measures to improve our sustainability standards and commitment to the planet.

  • Our new cases are made of 100% recycled materials.
  • In addition, to avoid producing more than what is consumed, from Nano we decided a few months ago that the elastic band could be ordered separately, using a QR code on the web, without any additional cost. In this way, we prevent thousands of unused elastic bands from being distributed in more than 60 countries.

Commitment to the planet

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond that. We are committed to quality, creating toxic and BPA-free products, and producing durable glasses. Because we believe in responsible consumption, and we make it our motto: Buy less and buy better.

This Christmas, we invite you also to reflect on the type of consumption you want to make and the impact that this has on the future of our planet. We want to leave our children the best possible world and, this happens, by making decisions that positively impact on that long-term sustainability.

Because green is not just our brand color. It is an international commitment of the Nano Vista team.

Nano, experts in children visual health and committed to a better world.