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How will I know if my baby needs glasses?

Detecting a vision problem in babies from zero to three years is more complicated than with older children. The little ones do not know how to explain what is happening to them so we must be more attentive to the signs to check that everything goes well with their visual health.

When a baby has a vision problem, it may take longer to detect it for the simple reason that very young children cannot tell us what is happening to them.

Therefore, we leave you today some tips so that you can detect in time if your baby’s visual health is perfect or, if on the contrary, it may have some problem.

  • Babies should be able to stare at an object shortly after birth and, starting at 3 months, follow a moving object with their eyes.
  • You can use a bright, flashy object to determine if the baby has reached that goal.
  • If your baby rubs his or her eyes too much, has them red or brings the face too close to the objects or people around him, it can also be a sign of a possible visual problem.

In any of these cases, we recommend that you schedule a visit with the optometrist so that, with specific tests, you can evaluate the ophthalmic health of your baby.

What glasses to choose for a baby from 0 to 3 years?

If, finally, a professional determines that your baby has to start using glasses, we know that you can live the process with many doubts and anguish.

First, be calm. Early detection is best to avoid future problems and babies adapt extraordinarily to changes.

In this case, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Baby comfort: for infants and very young children it is essential to choose sturdy but flexible and lightweight frames to avoid deformities. Nano Baby glasses are made of Siliflex™, a high-quality material that distributes in a balanced way the weight inclined on the bridge, better adjusting to the baby’s face.
  • They also have an elastic band and mini band made of soft materials that reinforces the adjustment without disturbing the baby.
  • It is very important that they are hypoallergenic and free of BPA, since babies take everything in their mouths and, if you bite them, you can be sure that it does not harm you.
  • Trust the professionals and bet on quality glasses. Here we can only resort to that saying that 'the cheap comes expensive'. Your child’s visual health is the priority. At Nano, we are committed to sustainability and high quality and are immersed in an awareness campaign based on buying less and buying better.

At Nano Vista we work every day for the visual health of our children, combining innovation, design, comfort, and visual health in all our models.

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