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Gafas indestructibles para niños

Indestructible Eyewear Frames for Kids made to last - Indestructible

NANO Eyewear frames for Kids and Babies (toddlers) can be adapted to all uses with changeable temples, or switched to wear as a headband. School and Play: for use in the classroom to a rugged free time energy burst in the playground. Unbreakable eyeglasses and frames made from our exclusive, patented and safe Siliflex™ silicon material for maximum comfort, flexibility and resistant. Nanovista, the leading brand in Children´s Eyewear.


Kids Eyewear Frames - Two frames in one (School & Play):


  • Fixing by temples: New rubber soft temples that allow easy adjustment simply by pressing (no supplements).
  • Fixing by elastic headband: Fixing by adjustable elastic headband With the elastic headband, kids get a firm holding on their heads when they need to -get on the move at playground time, during sport activities, or just being kids!!
  • Adaptable,
  • Light,
  • Safe: materials are non-toxic,
  • Comfortable,
  • Siliflex™ material: patented for maximum resistance and flexibility,
  • Recommended Children´s Eyewear.

    NANOVISTA, the Kids Eyewear Frames chosen by the Children´s Eye Health Care Professionals

Nano Optical

Nano Optical